Our Team

Judy Bass, our founder, has spent years visiting colleges and building relationships with the Directors of Disability Services and Learning Specialists at universities. Judy often contacts a college's disability office to discuss a student's profile and to clarify whether the college can provide the specific accommodations and services needed for that student to be successful.

Judy hosts meetings with college admissions counselors and learning specialists, participates in college tours for consultants several times a year, and also visits colleges on an individual basis. She was an instructor in UC-Irvine's College Consultants Certificate program, teaching other consultants about working with students who learn differently. Judy prides herself on educating families about the college planning process through her numerous speaking engagements in the United States and internationally, including parent presentations at schools, national and regional conferences, workshops, guest blog posts, and webinars. She is active in many organizations, including being a past Board member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), past Chair, Commission of the American Institute of Certified Educational Planners (AICEP),  and member of Learning Disabilities Association, CHADD, Tourette Syndrome Association, ADHD Group of Northern Virginia, ACCESS of DC, and WISER-DC.

Judy has built a team of experienced professionals who are caring, compassionate and have a positive attitude towards students who learn differently. Each member of the team understands that developing a connection with the student is crucial to a successful working relationship. Meet the team who promises to make your college search experience an easy and exciting endeavor:

Jean Ruland

Director of Client Services

  • Knowledgeable about the needs of families of students with learning challenges
  • Assists with execution of strategic planning goals
  • Specializes in logistics, scheduling, supply management, and customer service
  • Coordinates SAT/ACT tutoring and manages staff of test prep tutors

Maureen Heon

  • Takes care of payroll and taxes
  • Manages billing and client financial matters
  • Works with accountant to ensure IRS compliance